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AC Installation


What makes Accurate the #1 Air Conditioning Installation Company in all of Los Angeles?  Our AC installation contractors have been servicing Los Angeles County and Orange County for years and we have always kept up with the changes.  Our comprehensive knowledge of HVAC technology expands across all types of units and systems.  Our AC company has installed residential systems of all types with a primary focus on customer satisfaction.  We have serviced hundreds of homes of all different designs and ages and we continue to successfully cool people all over Los Angeles County and Orange County.  We guarantee our services and our professionally licensed air conditioning technicians won’t leave you out in the heat.  Accurate started in Glendora and knows the intensity summers in Southern California can bring.  We understand the intricacy of property layouts, energy demands and family.  Accurate is a family-run AC company that values honesty, quality customer service, and detailed work.  We take pride in the knowledge we have to offer our customers so we can put them in the most comfortable environment.  At the end of the day, when our Air Conditioning installation service is complete we don’t want you to have to think about heat.

contractor installing an air unit

When you are in need of ac installation, understanding what model type of unit that best fits your property’s cooling needs is vital.  Our contractors have surveyed and assessed many different styles of structural architecture and different home designs.  Accurate has a team of experts delivering the best AC installation services because they account for all the details that come with a responsible job.  We help our customers consider which unit type is best fit for their property and for their level of energy usage.  We will help you find the best unit and consider placement so that all areas of your property stay comfortable and cool while maintaining the perfect balance of energy consumption so your utility bills won’t be outrageous.

We have reliable experience installing all types of air conditioning units.  Whether your need is a split air conditioner to cool a few rooms, a packaged ac unit for multiple rooms or a central air conditioning system for larger homes, we know the proper procedures to get you up and running.  Our team of technicians has sophisticated tools and equipment to install both the most complex air conditioning systems or the simplest. No Air Conditioning installation job is too big or too small.  As AC an contractor, we also offer ac repair services, ac maintenance, and ac replacement.

Accurate knows that having a working air conditioner is important for the health and well being of you and your family, not to mention comfort.  Having an efficient air conditioner prevents dehydration and heat stroke. and some family members may be easily susceptible to allergies and may benefit from a secure hypoallergenic atmosphere.  From one family to another we know it is important to have the right air conditioner for all your needs and comfortability.  We know by calling Accurate that you are trusting in us to help keep you healthy and comfortable. We won’t disappoint.