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Electrical Installation


Accurate has been providing the best quality Electrical Installation Services in Los Angeles Country and Orange County for the past two decades.  Our family-oriented business provides electrical services to all kinds of residential properties.  Accurate has the most talented and knowledgeable electricians in all of Southern California and their experience shows.  Our licensed contractors provide professional, detail-oriented service and communicate all procedures to our customers so they know the ins and outs of the work they’re getting.  Our Electrical Installation Services not only fulfill our client’s expectations for quality but also provide customers with all the facts so they are confident in the work being completed.


 Accurate electricians have an immense amount of experience and knowledge of all electrical systems.  We use the most advanced tools providing our customers with reliable and dependable electricians for all job types. Our experience allows us to provide fast and easy service for needed installation jobs.  Accurate technicians are available throughout So Cal with convenient locations just around the corner for all types of residential properties.  No type of electrical installation service is too small or too big for us.  Our electricians are proficient, dynamic communicators and they’ll clean up when the job is finished. Most of all, they enjoy what they do and helping our customers.  You get the best when you get Accurate for your Electrical Installation Services.  We’ve been doing this for a long time but still keep up with the latest technology to ensure you are getting the best support possible.


 If your home has a need for an electrical installation project, we’ll help you find the best option for your unique property so you get maximum efficiency. Our professionally licensed electricians provide all types of installation services. In Los Angeles County and Orange County there are many beautiful homes both old and new.  So whether you are in the building stages or you have a remodeling project, our services can be used for wiring, receptacle and outlet additions, lighting jobs, new panels, or complete system overhauls.  We respect your design preferences and the uniqueness of your home and will always provide you with the best installation options to match your needs.


 Accurate has been the go-to electrical installation service company in all of Los Angeles County and Orange County for the past two decades.  As a family-run business, Accurate provides trustworthy and quality work to customers as if they were part of the Accurate family.  Our licensed electricians are polite and knowledgeable and always happy to answer any electrical questions for your home.  We pride ourself not only on the type of work we provide but also on being a leader in the community “putting the light on” wherever it’s needed.  We’re here for our neighbors for all their electrical needs.  Beyond electrical installation jobs, we have additional electrical services available.  The Accurate Team is your go-to, dependable, local electricians that offer additional electrical repair services, electrical rewiring services, switch services, and more.