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Heating Replacement


 Living in Los Angeles County and Orange County means having to deal with an unpredictable desert climate that brings cold winters.  As a family-run business that started in Glendora, Accurate knows how uncomfortable the cold air can be for your home and how it can affect your family’s well-being.  Your home needs a fully functional heating system so you can be healthy through the coldest months of the year.  Accurate has the most reliable heater replacement services in the area to ensure winter will stay out of your home.

Accurate has licensed contractors that have extensive experience in heater replacement services both in Los Angeles County and Orange County.  Our contractors specialize in all types of heating systems because we know all Southern California homes are different and have unique heating demands for their type of construction.   Our technicians have the most advanced tools and are continually educated in the latest techniques to handle any type of heater replacement no matter how simple or complex the system.  Technicians are courteous, polite, and clean and will always communicate every detail of their work.  We want you to be comfortable when we are working in your home and we want you to know all the options available to you for a heater replacement job.

If your home needs a new heater and you have questions about the type or model, our knowledgeable contractors can assess your home and discuss all your options with you so you can make the best decision.  Whether you need a central air furnace, heat pump or steam/hot water system replacement, we can help with your heater replacement so that your home gets the best fitting model.  You want an efficient heating system that will keep all corners of your home warm without burning money on energy costs.

If you track your heating bills and have been seeing an increase in energy costs the last few years it may be time for a new heater.  Whether you live in Los Angeles County or Orange County, if your heater has gone beyond its retirement age (18-20 years) you should be thinking about a replacement.  Multiple repairs or frequent concerns are warning signs, especially if you are hearing weird noises.  While we can always assess your house for leaks, if you experience pockets of different temperatures throughout your home this could be a sign you may need a heater replacement.  Our technicians understand the urgency that comes with not having heat available when winter is knocking at the door and we know a home without heat can be unhealthy.  If you have certain questions about a home heater replacement or would like us to give you an estimate we are happy to help.  Beyond heater replacement services we offer heating installation services, heat maintenance, and heating system repair.

Accurate has been providing cozy heat to families all across Los Angeles County and Orange County for o er a decade. We know how Southern California can be during the winter months and we will continue to provide exceptional customer service so all of our neighbors are winter-ready.